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Friday 24 September, 2010


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Sunday 19 September, 2010

FLEX’s special Olympia issue, out this week, features a groundbreaking workout with all three reigning Ms. Olympia’s: Iris Kyle (bodybuilding), Nicole Wilkins-Lee (figure) and Adela Garcia (fitness). They trade sets, combining exercises and techniques and sharing training secrets. Through the course of that workout, we learned precisely what each of the three does on back day, and we’ll be sharing those routines with you here at
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Sunday 19 September, 2010

We know you can't wait until the top names in the IFBB Pro League take center stage on September 22-25 in Las Vegas (trust us, we can't either), and that's why we're blowing out our O preview coverage this entire month on Training videos and video interviews from top stars like Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Dennis Wolf and Dennis James; competitor breakdowns from the experts, a review of past Olympia controversies (we know you'll have plenty to add on that in the FLEX Forums), classic Olympia photos and a heads up on all the events and breaking news as THE event in the IFBB Pro League approaches.
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Friday 17 September, 2010

We're sure you already know this, but Olympia Weekend is less than two short weeks away! Before the IFBB Pro League superstars heat up the Las Vegas stage on September 24-25, we wanted to check in on the first-annual Olympia Pound4Pound Challenge. Pete Ciccone and Derik Farnsworth are both ramping up their training in hopes of walking out with the loot — up to $10 grand is on the line — and from the looks of it, they're both making all the right moves.
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Cutler Makes History

Sunday 27 September, 2009

He wanted this one - bad. Last year, when Jay Cutler lost the Sandow to Dexter Jackson, it seemed that the rumors of his inability to dial it in for the big show - Cutler barely eked out a victory over Victor Martinez in 2007 - might be true after all. Twice now, he had failed to peak on the one night when a champion is expected to bring no less than his best. Increasing the odds of Cutler never regaining the top spot was the long list of former Mr. Olympia's who lost the Sandow and failed to win it back. Until now.

Maybe it took losing what he already to push Cutler even further than even he thought possible, because on Saturday, September 26 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cutler beat the odds - again - to become Joe Weider's 2009 Mr. Olympia, the first man in the history of the sport to reclaim the title.
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Sunday 27 September, 2009

In yet another in a string of exciting decisions on this evening, Nicole Wilkins-Lee bested heavy favorite Gina Aliotti in the Figure Olympia. This year's event mirrored last year as the tall blond Wilkins-Lee played the role of spoiler to Aliotti that tall blond Ziville Raudoniene assumed in 2008.

Rising figure star Heather Mae French took third with her movie star looks impeccable figure. Pretty Kristal Richardson filled in the fourth spot while the wholly appealing Amy Fry quarter-turned her way into the top five.
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Sunday 27 September, 2009

In what must be termed an upset, New York's Kevin English won the 2009 Olympia 202 Showdown, relegating last year's champ, David Henry to the runner-up spot.
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Sunday 13 September, 2009

The 2009 Mr. Olympia on September 25-26 is shaping up to be the most competitive in history Loaded with star power that hasn't been seen since the explosion of talent that populated the lineups of the nineties and into the new millennium, it sparks the timeless debate: Who was better, the champions of yesterday or the champions of today? To answer that, we've pitted the class of '09 against legendary names from the past, each in a one on one battle to determine once and for all, who will reign supreme.
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Dexter Jackson topples Jay Cutler to win the Mr. Olympia

Monday 29 September, 2008

Late Saturday night, with the placings of the 17 other competitors participating in the 2008 Mr. Olympia already decided, the two men still awaiting their fate walked to center stage of The Orleans Arena. One who had been there many times before, and one who until this year never imagined he would. And in the end, after 10 years and 47 contests, Dexter Jackson finally rose to the top of the sport by toppling two-time and reigning champion Jay Cutler on the way to the biggest win of his career.

"I was praying," Jackson said. "I was undecided on if I would actually win tonight. I knew I deserved to win but I didn't think I would. This sport is full of surprises. I'm just in shock right now. I've been dreaming about this moment since I started bodybuilding. I never thought it would happen."

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Tuesday 23 September, 2008

Since winning his first in 1998, there has been one constant, undeniable and irrepressible force on the Olympia stage: Ronnie Coleman. Even last year, one year after Coleman's streak of eight consecutive wins was broken by long-time runner-up Jay Cutler in 2006, the enormous shadow of Coleman's legend loomed over the rest of the field. During his reign, which lasted longer than any other aside from Lee Haney's, it was impossible to mention the Olympia without immediately mentioning Coleman's name.
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by Allan Donnelly
Monday 18 February, 2008

On Saturday night at the Ironman Pro finals, the bodybuilding world gained one star, while the figure world lost one. Onstage, winning the Ironman Pro in dominating fashion, Phil Heath served notice that he is now a force to be reckoned with at any show he enters. Backstage, however, one of the biggest names in figure was making news for an entirely different reason: Valerie Waugaman announced she has decided to retire from figure competitions
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2007 Olympia Weekend Mens Finals
Sunday 30 September, 2007

The 2007 Mr. Olympia came down to the final round, as Victor Martinez pushed Jay Cutler to the limit before coming up a point short.

Cutler, who admitted he was a little off on Friday night, charged back at the Saturday finals, becoming a multi-Olympia winner on the same night when perhaps the sports greatest champion, Ronnie Coleman, made his final bow on the O stage, finishing fourth and getting two standing ovations from the sold out Orleans Arena crowd.

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2007 MS. OLYMPIA - Flash Results

Friday 28 September, 2007

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Written By: Allan Donnelly
Saturday 29 September, 2007

In what is shaping up to be one of the most wide open Olympias in years, after the Friday prejudging at the Orleans Arena, it looks like we're going to have to wait another day to see who is going to walk home with bodybuilding's ultimate crown.
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Thursday 27 September, 2007

Put a microphone in a bodybuilder’s face, and you’ll never know what you’ll hear. That was proven at the Mr. Olympia Press Conference Thursday afternoon in the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

At the gathering of the 24 men who will vie for the 2007 Mr. Olympia title, there was drama, as Quincy Taylor verbally sparred with Silvio Samuel and Gustavo Badell. There was comedy, as Eddie Abbew called out competitors for being “bitchy” and Melvin Anthony made a grand exit to the restroom. And in the center of it all were the two men who expect to be the focus of attention at Friday night’s prejudging and Saturday’s finals, reigning champ Jay Cutler and eight-time Mr. O Ronnie Coleman.
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Athlete’s meeting kicks of 2007 Olympia Weekend
Written by: Allan Donnelly
Thursday 27 September, 2007

It’s here. After months of buildup, the 2007 Olympia Weekend began with the athlete meetings at the Orleans Arena tonight, September 26. In all, 86 athletes will be competing over Friday and Saturday, with prejudging for women’s bodybuilding, fitness and figure at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall on Friday at 11 a.m.
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By Team Flex
Tuesday 25 September, 2007

Leading up to the 2007 Mr. Olympia September 28-29 in Las Vegas, FLEX will be bringing you interviews with the combatants. Today, 2007 Europa Super Show champion Silvio Samuel, 2006 Montreal Pro champ Johnnie Jackson, and 2005 NPC Nationals overall champ Bill Wilmore.

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Team Flex
Sunday 23 September, 2007

Leading up to the 2007 Mr. Olympia September 28-29 in Las Vegas, FLEX will be bringing you interviews with the combatants. Today, 2007 Montreal Pro champ Darrem Charles and 2007 Europa Super Show runner-up Will Harris.
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by Team Flex
Friday 03 August, 2007

During a weekend where over 400 competitors turned out to take the stage at the 2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, it was a given that not everyone would go home happy. On Saturday night, count Ben White as one of the happiest.
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Wednesday 18 July, 2007

After months of speculation, Phil Heath officially withdrew from the 2007 Mr. Olympia on Thursday, June 28.

“I will not be competing in the Olympia this year,” Heath said. “I noticed that there are a lot of improvements that need to be made in order to place within the top 6 of the Olympia, if not even the top 10.”
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Victor Martinez wins the 2007 Arnold Classic title
Written by: Michael Berg
Sunday 04 March, 2007

Victor Martinez finally broke through to win one of the sports top titles, defeating two-time defending champ Dexter Jackson at the 19th annual Arnold Classic, held at Veteran's Memorial in Columbus, Ohio March 3.

Much like last year's contest, when the top four of Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren, Victor Martinez and Gustavo Badell could have been interchanged without a lot of controversy because there was no clear-cut standout, the 2007 Arnold Classic featured a top five that all had strengths and weaknesses. Victor Martinez wasn't quite as dialed in as during the 2006 Mr. Olympia prejudging when he was a solid third behind Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman; Dexter Jackson wasn't as sharp as we've come to expect from "The Blade"; Toney Freeman was much tighter than his victory a week before at the Sacramento Pro, but lacked some depth in his back and detail in his glutes; Phil Heath, while the most striated and aesthetic bodybuilder on stage, still needs more front-to-back thickness in his upper body before he becomes a bona fide threat to take an Arnold or Olympia title; and Gustavo Badell, who wasn't even a part of the first callout of the day but gamely battled back by the end of prejudging to crash the top-five party.
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Written by: Michael Berg
Wednesday 21 February, 2007

Toney Freeman has come a long way since the 2006 Ironman Pro. At that show, he finished well out of the running, in seventh. Two weeks later, he was ninth at the Arnold Classic, then fifth a week after that at the San Francisco Pro. A respectable start to the season, to be sure, but not if your goal is to be in the top tier of the pro ranks.

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Friday 09 February, 2007

American Media, Inc. (AMI) and the IFBB Professional League announced today that Joe Weider’s 2007 Olympia Weekend competitions (Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Fitness and Figure Olympia) will be held at the Orleans Arena and the Olympia Fitness Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The weekend blasts off with the Press Conference on Thursday, September 27th, culminating with the Champions Seminar on Sunday, September 30th.

For the first time in nearly a decade, we head into the Mr. Olympia with a new defending champion. Jay Cutler overcame the odds in defeating the already legendary Ronnie Coleman, who returns for another attempt at record breaking number nine. “Jay didn’t beat me. He’s just holding the Sandow for me until I take it back, which I will come September,” promises Ronnie. But Jay’s not looking to relinquish his crown anytime soon. “I worked too long and too hard for this, it’s mine and I’m keeping it,” says a determined Cutler. This year, he’ll have to fight off not only a rejuvenated Ronnie Coleman, but a very hungry Victor Martinez, finally realizing his true potential as a premier bodybuilder. Ronnie, Victor, Gustavo Badell, Dexter Jackson, and Melvin Anthony, all of whom know that the first title defense will surely be the hardest will bring their best game to overthrow Jay’s hopes of starting his own dynasty. And our fit and fabulous ladies have their own battles ahead of them. Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle, Fitness Olympia Champion Adela Garcia, and Figure Olympia Champion Jenny Lynn will all return to defend their titles.

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Tuesday 09 January, 2007

In the months after the 2006 Mr. Olympia contest, there have been differing opinions concerning how eight-time champ Ronnie Coleman has reacted to the loss. Now, in a recent development, controversial comments attributed to Coleman surrounding his Olympia defeat at the hands of Jay Cutler have been released online.
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Thursday 28 December, 2006

The list of competitors for the 2007 Arnold Classic Weekend was released today. A total of 65 athletes in men’s and women’s Bodybuilding, fitness and figure will converge in Columbus, Ohio on March 2-4 for the 19th edition of the ASC.

Here are the complete lists of competitors.
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Tuesday 28 November, 2006

Desmond Miller emerged from the pack to take the victory at the 2006 NPC Nationals. He was fourth at the 2005 Nationals, and took the 2005 Eastern USA title, but nothing has been bigger than this, as he has ascended to the pro ranks.
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Sunday 05 November, 2006

Milos Sarcev is itching to get back onto a bodybuilding stage to duke it out with fellow iron pumpers, and he’s more than ready to do battle (verbally) with a certain keyboard puncher.
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Monday 09 October, 2006

Jay Cutler completed the gauntlet, winning three shows in Europe over the course of three days, relegating eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman to second each time.
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Wednesday 04 October, 2006

September 30, 2006 is a day that will live in bodybuilding lore forever. A capacity crowd at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas bore witness to history, but it was not the history many had expected. Ronnie Coleman, going for his record-breaking ninth Sandow trophy, instead lost to four-time runner-up Jay Cutler, and by a convincing margin by bodybuilding standards, 22 to 38 (lowest score wins). In fact, Cutler won all four rounds of the show.
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Jackson Again
Written by: Team FLEX
Thursday 09 March, 2006

Dexter Jackson swept to his second consecutive Arnold Classic win with a straight firsts victory that seemed a little generous.
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For Bill Wilmore, Three's a Charm
Written by: Shawn Perine
Sunday 20 November, 2005

After consecutive runner-up placings (to Mat DuVall in '03 and Chris Cook in '04), Florida's Bill Wilmore has risen to the top of the Superheavyweight class at the 2005 NPC Nationals here in Atlanta. The 251-pounder also took overall honors to go with the pro status qualification he earned as one of the evening's seven class winners.
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Bill Wilmore, Mike Ergas shine in Atlanta
Written by: Shawn Perine
Saturday 19 November, 2005

Superheavyweight Bill Wilmore brought what may very well be his all-time best condition to bear at the 2005 NPC Nationals in Atlanta, seemingly dominating his class at Friday's prejudging and putting himself into solid contention for overall honors.
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Written By: Team Flex
Friday 21 October, 2005

How about Gustavo Badell? We can't say enough good things about the Puerto Rican juggernaut, who repeated his third place finish of the 2004 Mr. O at this year’s bash. Earlier in the year his name was mentioned loudly and frequently when discussion turned to the IFBB's belly ban advisory.
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Eighth Wonder of the World
Written by: Michael Berg, Flex Executive Editor
Sunday 16 October, 2005

For the first time since Ronnie Coleman won the Sandow in 1998, a competitor caught him from behind. That man was Jay Cutler, and whenever the two went mano-a-mano in a back pose, it was evident how far Cutler had come in his development. In a feat many thought would never happen, Coleman, he of the freaky mass and stunning detail in his lats, mid-back and traps, was far from a shoo-in on this pose.
However, in the end, even that wasn't enough to stop the reign of Coleman, who made it eight in a row, tying him with Lee Haney for the Olympia record.
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Written by: Greg Merritt, Senior Writer
Saturday 15 October, 2005

Once again the Mr. Olympia title comes down to a two man race between Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. This year, however, things could be different than the other three times the dueling duo finished one-two.
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THE JEN AND DAVANA SHOW: Fitness & Figure Olympia Reports
By Michael Berg, Flex Executive Editor
Saturday 15 October, 2005

Jen Hendershott emerged victorious for her first-ever Fitness Olympia win, while Davana Medina continued her reign for a third year in the Figure Olympia.
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OLYMPIA FRIDAY : David Takes on Goliaths
By Greg Merritt
Saturday 15 October, 2005

I can't describe how happy I am," an emotional David Henry proclaimed after winning the Olympia Wildcard Challenge on Friday. For his victory, the fat-free Henry won $10,000 and, most important to him, a spot in Saturday's Mr. Olympia. In so doing, he defeated eight other competitors, including pleasantly proportioned Brian Chamberlain, in second, and a just-off-the-mark Eddie Abbew, in third.
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Written by: Team Flex
Friday 14 October, 2005

Insults, debates and outright challenges raged in the Olympia Press Conference Thursday afternoon at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. For the second year in a row, WWE superstar Triple H and effusive IFBB pro Bob Cicherillo hosted the three-ring festivities, egging on champion Ronnie Coleman and the 19 men who aim to defeat him Saturday night.
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Written By: Team Flex
Thursday 13 October, 2005

"You've never seen anything like this before," exclaimed the reigning champ during this evening's athlete's meeting. "I've been training my abs all year long and stuck to my diet the whole year too. I ate less and didn't let my weight get too high."
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Written by: Team Flex
Tuesday 11 October, 2005

Cut and dry, here it is, and we're not talking only about Jay Cutler's phenomenal physique of limitless perfection. We're also talking about his convincing claim to next week's Mr. Olympia title. These are his very words, uttered calmly and cogently: "I'm absolutely confident that I'm going to win this year. I'm at my all-time best, not only in my overall physique but also from the back, which is the key for taking out Ronnie Coleman. We know he's still going to have a stomach, because something like that just doesn't go away, regardless of how light he comes in.
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Written by: Julian Schmidt, FLEX Senior Writer
Sunday 09 October, 2005

Look out bodybuilding fans an all-new Gunter Schlierkamp is headed your way, bristling with all of the proud bluntness his heritage implies. In Las Vegas on October 15 at the Mr. Olympia the message is clear: no more mister nice guy. The German giant promises, "This Mr. Olympia will be historic, because Ronnie Coleman is going to lose. I will beat him. A major change in bodybuilding will occur, and I welcome it."
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2005 Mr. Olympia: FIGHT NIGHT
Written by: Team Flex
Friday 07 October, 2005

On October 15, the world's 22 best bodybuilders will square off the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, including the winner of the previous night's winner-take-all Wild Card competition that will give one more man entry into the biggest show on earth. Who's hot, who's not? AND WHICH ONE OF THE 22 IS NOW OUT? Here's an up-to-the-minute evaluation of the men who will duke it out for the Sandow.
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Branch Warren Holds His Ground
~ Michael Berg
Tuesday 04 October, 2005

A dry-to-the-bone package of muscle and cuts overtook an impressive display of
mass at the inaugural Charlotte Pro Oct. 1, as Texas' Branch Warren beat Dennis
James for his second title in three weeks. George Farah took third, and the Olympia
qualifying berth that came with it.
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Texas Hold 'Em
Flex Magazine
Sunday 18 September, 2005

It was a Big D sweep in Dallas on September 17, as hometown favorites (and training partners) Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson came in one-two at the Europa Super Show and Quincy Taylor, who moved to the area last year, took the coveted third spot. Warren was dense, striated and veiny, displaying not just his famously zippered quads, but also fully formed and delineated parts others were missing, like calves, traps and obliques.
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By Flex Online
Sunday 11 September, 2005

With a bit over a month to go, Olympia 2005 is shaping up to be the coolest weekend in bodybuilding history. Not only will it feature the annual salute to muscular perfection (i.e.— Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia), but a whole lot more. A WHOLE lot more. But don't just take our word; check out the following laundry list of all the new stuff going on at this year's show of shows. (For tickets and full details go to
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Flex Online Staff
Saturday 20 August, 2005

On the chart at the foot of this posting is detailed the breakdown of the prize money being paid out at Joe Weider's 2005 Olympia Weekend. The total on offer is $711,000, an increase of 31% from the $540,000 paid out last year. The prize money is only one of the reasons that this 2005 Olympia Weekend will be the best ever. To recap what's lined up for this year event, here's a quick checklist of ten reasons not to miss the 2005 Olympia Weekend.
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Flex Magazine
Tuesday 09 August, 2005

American Media International (AMI) and the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), co-promoters of Joe Weider's 2005 Olympia Weekend, which will take place in Las Vegas from October 13 through 16, have announced the latest in a series of historic changes to the Mr. Olympia competition.
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Greg Merritt
Tuesday 30 November, 2004

The Moscow Grand Prix, cold and gray, was held in a military hall with soldiers as ushers. The Dutch Grand Prix, staged like a rave in a giant nightclub, captured the pleasures of Amsterdam. The British Grand Prix - the final contest of the tour of three countries in three days - was, fittingly, held in a classy but comfortable auditorium next to the famous soccer cathedral, Wembley Stadium. The on-stage and on-the-mic activities, orchestrated by promoter Kerry Kayes, captured both the British people's charm and reverence and their lacerating wit.
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Greg Merritt
Saturday 06 November, 2004

The first thing you should know about the Russian Grand Prix is Alexander Federov is for real. He has a long way to go to match everything Ronnie Coleman has, but you could say that about everyone else in the Olympia posedown. Despite recovering from surgery for a torn pectoral, the 26-year-old Russian certainly has what it takes to make that posedown next year. This day, like 23 other days, belonged to Coleman, as he racked up his 23nd professional win, earning $15,000 and breaking Vince Tayler's record of 22.

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All in a Night's Work
Team Flex
Tuesday 02 November, 2004

So the 2004 Olympia is a wrap. Ronnie Coleman walked away with a seventh straight title and fans walked away with programs, protein samples, and enough stories to last them until the Arnold Classic in March, at least.
The Challenge Round, which represented the most significant change to the Mr. Olympia's old format, is being hailed as a success by most. Fan reaction was mostly positive, with the consensus agreeing that the new round injected a breath of life into the evening presentation. In all, there were 30 distinct challenges made by the top six finalists, each one a five second drama unto itself.
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7th Heaven
Saturday 30 October, 2004

In a wild and raucous evening show, 296-pound Ronnie Coleman grabbed his seventh consecutive Mr. Olympia title and a piece of history.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger informed the Mandalay Bay crowd, his victory tied him with the Governator for second most wins in Olympia history, right behind Lee Haney's eight.

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2005 NPC USA Championships report
Peter McGough
Thursday 04 August, 2005

In his first attempt at doing so Denver's Phil Heath snagged his IFBB pro card by swooping to a unanimous decision for the overall title at the 2005 NPC USA Championships. At 25 the former college basketball star has only been training for 2 and a half years and his latest success comes only weeks after he took the overall at the Junior Nationals. Heavyweight Heath's next public outing is front cover placement on FLEX's September issue and with his physique and mental approach this is one young man who is sure to make an impact in the pros.
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Peter McGough
Wednesday 03 August, 2005

America Media Inc. (AMI) and The International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), promoters of the 2005 Olympia Weekend, are proud to announce that prize money for the this year's event has been increased from $540,000 to $661,000. That represents a staggering 22% increase of $121,000 ... (continued)
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