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Written By: Team Flex
Date: Thursday 13 October, 2005
"You've never seen anything like this before," exclaimed the reigning champ during this evening's athlete's meeting. "I've been training my abs all year long and stuck to my diet the whole year too. I ate less and didn't let my weight get too high."

Indeed, the clothed version of the world's baddest bodybuilder we saw today was as wide as ever, but with a noticeably trimmer midsection. Still, ropey veins streamed down from his shoulders, past his t-shirt sleeves, and into his wrists. In short, the man looked more like the Ronster of '98 and '99 than that of 2004 -- surely a chilling thought for those who will be standing on the Orleans Arena stage with him in three short days.

A few random observations from the meeting:

Several members of Team FLEX commented independently how, from the back, Darrem Charles now looks like one of the mass monsters. His width is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Alex Federov is dry as a bone. Kevin Horton made a point of photographing Alex's jaw, so striated were its muscles!

Kris Dim is ready to go, legs and all. He mentioned that his lower body issues of last year (and the injury that caused them) are but a distant memory.

Jay Cutler may be the biggest we've ever seen him. He looks to be the equal of Ronnie in sheer mass.

Gunter Schlierkamp is smiling a lot more this year than last. His life is on an upswing and it shows. He's big, tanned and very dry.

While it's hard to tell just what anyone has going on in clothes, Victor Martinez looks to be on target. He just may be the possessor of the widest clavicles in the sport and his delts are popping through his shirt.

Markus Ruhl seems to have taken the Coleman tact by streamlining his physique for '05. He seems smaller than in recent years, but his face shows that he's dieted well.

Gustavo Badell is thick as a brick. Very impressive, even in a track suit.

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