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For Bill Wilmore, Three's a Charm
Written by: Shawn Perine
Date: Sunday 20 November, 2005
After consecutive runner-up placings (to Mat DuVall in '03 and Chris Cook in '04), Florida's Bill Wilmore has risen to the top of the Superheavyweight class at the 2005 NPC Nationals here in Atlanta. The 251-pounder also took overall honors to go with the pro status qualification he earned as one of the evening's seven class winners.
In the Heavies, hometown favorite Jonathan Rowe's victory brought much of the packed Hyatt Regency ballroom to its feet. The Artist Formerly Known As Roc Shabazz's Training Partner shared an emotional moment with his wife and daughter backstage as he realized that he had finally joined his brother in iron in the ranks of the IFBB. Mike Ergas, despite bringing what was far and away his most complete package ever to the stage, took the runner-up spot, and couldn't hide his displeasure over a decision that was exceptionally close.

Charles "Stingray" Arde improved dramatically between Friday and Saturday and was a deserving winner in the Lightheavyweight class. With impossibly wide clavicles and a winning smile the San Jose, CA resident should prove to be a popular pro next year.

In a class so close that it was opened to judging this evening (as opposed to the other six, which were judged solely last night), Tricky Jackson squeaked past Garrett Allin. Tricky's routine was, as always, electrifying - the best in the show - and certainly didn't hurt his cause in the end. Allin's physique was no less stellar than Jackson's by any means. But, as they say, there can be only one winner, and tonight, in the Middleweights, it was Jackson.

2005 Overall Team Universe winner Jose Raymond, he of the Pepsodent smile, dominated yet another Welterweight class. The Natural-And-Proud-Of-It athlete will take his protanned show on the road next week, to China, as he vies for top honors in the IFBB World Championships.

Lightweight winner Sereiryth Leandre combined full muscle bellies, exceptional hardness and excellent proportions to convince the judging panel that he ruled his class.

42-year-old Roland Huff showed his tight midsection and impressive arms to good advantage as he took the nod in the Bantamweights. Look for the retired Army man to hit a pro stage in '06.

Overall Peter Potter's Nationals were run with clocklike precision and at a sprinter's pace, despite featuring nearly 300 competitors. The always-glib Lonnie Teper kept things moving along nicely at the evening finals and Pam Betz made the show's inner workings hum like Pavarotti in the shower. Kudos as well to the judging team who, somehow, managed to stay alert and composed through a solid day and a half of work.

Congratulations to Roland Huff, Sereiryth Leandre, Jose Raymond, Tricky Jackson, Charles Ray Arde, Jonathan Rowe and Big Bill Wilmore, champions all!

Final Placings
1. Roland Huff
2. David Candy
3. Fernando Abaco
4. George Gibson
5. Rafael Campuzano

1. Sereiryth Leandre
2. Henderson Gordon
3. Robert E. Lee
4. Kelly Pettiford
5. Perry McRae

1. Jose Raymond
2. Abiu Feliz
3. Carlo Filippone
4. Kevin Creeden
5. Sean Smith

1. Tricky Jackson
2. Garrett Allin
3. Daryl Gee
4. Jesse Duque
5. Joshua Fred

1. Charles Ray Arde
2. Charles Dixon
3. Mark Erpelding
4. David Truly
5. Vinny Galanti

1. Jonathan Rowe
2. Michael Ergas
3. Darrell Terrell
4. Sebastian Zona
5. Kent McLean

1. Bill Wilmore*
2. Leo Ingram
3. Rudy Richards
4. Desmond Miller
5. James Bivens

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For Bill Wilmore, Three's a Charm
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