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Greg Merritt
Date: Tuesday 30 November, 2004
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The Moscow Grand Prix, cold and gray, was held in a military hall with soldiers as ushers. The Dutch Grand Prix, staged like a rave in a giant nightclub, captured the pleasures of Amsterdam. The British Grand Prix - the final contest of the tour of three countries in three days - was, fittingly, held in a classy but comfortable auditorium next to the famous soccer cathedral, Wembley Stadium. The on-stage and on-the-mic activities, orchestrated by promoter Kerry Kayes, captured both the British people's charm and reverence and their lacerating wit.

This time the judging was no joke. Both Chris Cormier and, especially, Kris Dim improved on their condition of the day before. Dim was happy to qualify for the 2005 Olympia, but his excitement was exceeded by that of gleeful, teary-eyed Ramon Gonzalez. The ripped Spaniard, who looks like a young Dorian Yates, had the thrill of his life when he made the posedown against the current 7-time Mr. Olympia. Markus Ruhl was as smooth as the day before, but the Beast merrily joked with the competitors and crowd. And some guy named Ronnie Coleman won for the 25th time in his pro career.

TOUR NOTES Mustafa Mohammad was rushed via ambulance to an Amsterdam hospital after his potassium level reached potentially deadly levels - the result of severe dehydration. Milos Sarcev assisted the doctors, and Mohammad's potassium level decreased. He is being held in the hospital for at least 24 hours.

The following man qualified for the 2005 Mr. Olympia on the European tour: Alexander Federov, Michael Sheridan, Chris Cormier, Mustafa Mohammad, Kris Dim.

2003 British Champion Paul George was the best conditioned competitor in any of the three tour stops. He redefined the term "shredded."

Unless another promoter comes forward there will, unfortunately, not be an Amsterdam Grand Prix next year. The current promoter is moving to Miami.

As London is the final stop, this concludes the exclusive FLEXOnline coverage of the 2004 European Tour. Watch for the full behind-the-scenes (and the screams) story in an upcoming issue of FLEX: police confrontations, the sins of Amsterdam, the comedy, the camaraderie, the near tragedy, a rare look at Mr. O off-stage and a whole lot of bodybuilding competition in a short amount of time. You can only get the inside scoop from FLEX.


1. Ronnie Coleman (USA)
2. Chris Cormier (USA)
3. Kris Dim (USA)
4. Markus Ruhl (Germany)
5. Ramon Gonzalez (Spain)
6. Michael Sheridan (England)
7. Ronnie Rockel (Germany)
8. Paul George (England)
9. Tommie Thorvildsen (Norway)
10. Migger Milazzo (Italy)
11.Peter Brown (England)
12. Harold Marrillier (England)
13. Ian Morgan (England)
14. (tie) Bistocchi Alberto (Italy)
14. (tie) Alves-Jorge Jose (France)
16. Armand Plaisant (France)
17. Emro Karaduzovic (Montenegro)
18. Fabrizio Zittucro (Italy)

ENGLISH GRAND PRIX COMPETITORS LIST(competitor's numbers match the order they appear in gallery)

1. Ramon Gonzalez
2. Chris Cormier
3. Paul George
4. Markus Ruhl
5. Fabrizio Zitturcro
6. Ronnie Coleman
7. Armand Plaisant
8. Alves-Jorge Jose
9. Harold Marrillier
10. Tommie Thorvildsen
11. Kris Dim
12. Ronnie Rockel
13. Michael Sheridan
14. Emro Karaduzovic
15. Migger Milazzo
16. Bistocchi Alberto
17. Peter Brown
18. Ian Morgan

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The British Grand Prix- Ronnie Coleman - Photo by
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2004 Fitness Olympia (DVD)
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